Sonshine Preschool - Company Message

What do you need to enroll your child at SonShine Preschool? 
The following forms are provided for you to print at your convenience.
If you would like copies of forms printed for you, please call Mrs. Mala at 970-405-4622.
Please be sure to meet with Mrs. Mala and confirm
your child's enrollment before their first day!

To initially reserve and secure your child's space in class, you must hand in the Enrollment Form and Registration Fee.

 Items Needed to Attend SonShine Preschool:

  • $100 enrollment fee due with enrollment form
  • Immunization Record  *Due before your child's first day*
  • General Health Appraisal Form  Due within 30 days of your child's first day!
  • School supplies due August 24 (So that we can organize them before school starts!)
Additional Resources: