Sonshine Preschool - Company Message

SonShine Preschool 
provides a fun introduction to school
 for ages 3-5.

We focus on teaching Biblical values
and preparing children academically,
socially, and behaviorally for the rigors
of today’s Elementary Schools.

Open Enrollment for 2019-2020 began February 1, 2019!

+ + +

We are licensed & inspected 
by the State of Colorado.

We cap our class sizes at 15 students 
with 2 teachers
to provide our students with
more teacher attention.

We offer sibling, 
active duty military, 
and pastor discounts!

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Morning Preschool: $135/month
2 half-days per week
Afternoon Preschool: $135/month
2 half-days per week
Morning Pre-K:
3 half-days per week
Afternoon Pre-K:
3 half-days per week
 Tu/Th,   8-11am
Tu/Th, 12-3pm
M/W/F, 8-11AM
M/W/F, 12-3pm
 W/F, 8-11am

M/Tu/Th, 8/11am
M/Tu/Th, 12-3pm
Please see below for an explanation of the difference between Preschool and Pre-K
For ages 3 & 4 --

Preschool is a great first taste of  fun and learning.
It is intended for children who  will NOT yet be entering kindergarten  the following year.

For ages 4 & 5 --
Pre-K is a great balance of academic learning 
and fun.  It provides 3 classes each week to
 prepare your child for kindergarten.
 It is intended for children who will be entering Kindergarten the following Fall.

Click Here for Daily Routine for Flower Room 
(Bears, Dinosaurs, Apples)
 (Frogs, Bees, Bananas, Stars)
Some Special Reasons to Choose SonShine Preschool for Your Child:
Low Student/Teacher Ratio, Class Sizes
Capped at 15 w/2 teachers
Daily Recess
We Teach Social and Emotional Skills
Daily non-denominational Bible Time
"Essentials Preschool Curriculum": An integrated Christian &  Academic curriculum
We text you photos of
your child having fun
at preschool!
Some simple signs
are taught
Music and songs are
taught and integrated throughout the daily routine
Our curriculum reaches all learning types :
Visual, Auditory, Tactile, & Kinesthetic
A name, song, action,
and sound are taught for
each letter of the alphabet
Early Reading 
Skills are taught
Daily arts and crafts

Highly qualified teachers
Licensed and inspected by the state of Colorado
Loving teachers

For More Information, Please Give Us a call!