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Open Enrollment will start in February 5,2024 for the school year August 2024- May 2025!

Online Enrollment From (you will create a free Brightwheel account to fill out this form. 

Want to know if the class you want still has room? 
Call us at 970-352-2626

-Your enrollment is only valid once you complete the form, and pay the registration fee that will be billed to you through the Brightwheel account you create.

-You will receive a confirmation message about class placement within a week.

-If the class you sign up for is full, your enrollment fee IS refundable (or you can select a different class). 

- If your child is not potty trained in time when school starts, your enrollment fee will be saved and used when your child is ready to start.

We are delighted that you are considering

us as one of your child's first educational experiences!

Our Mission

To provide a safe, loving environment that provides age- appropriate learning experiences for preschoolers, in order that they may have an understanding of Salvation through Jesus Christ and be academically, socially, and behaviorally prepared for Kindergarten.

Our Philosophy

We believe in balancing academic learning with stimulating and fun activities. Children are a blessing from God, and it is our responsibility to provide a loving, structured, and stimulating environment for them to grow in. We want each child to have an understanding of God's love for them. Preschool-age children display varying levels of academic abilities, and should be taught at their own level. We focus on teaching proper classroom behavior and basic academic skills in a way that is fun and motivating. 

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